June 15

Georgia State Headlines.“CRE Experts Say the Economy Is Prepared for A June Rate Hike.” By Staff.

June 07

Auber. “2017 Auber Fall Conference.” By Staff.

May 30

Journal of Business Forecasting. “U.S. Economy: Collision of Disruptive Policies and Reality.” By Jamal Nahavandi.

May 30

Khabar “Money Talk.” By Staff.

May 22

Linkedin. “US banks lower sights for bond yields.” By Staff.

May 19

Metro Atlanta CEO. “GSU Economic Forecasting Center Releases Nation, Georgia, Atlanta Economic Outlooks.” By Staff.

May 18

J. Mack Robinson College of Business. “2017 Pain Will Lead to 2018 Tax Cut for Middle Class.” By Jennifer Shockley.

May 18

Georgia State Headlines. “2017 Pain Will Lead to 2018 Tax Cut Gain for Middle Class, Economic Forecasting Center Report.” By Staff.

May 12

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. “Forecasters Predict Slightly Brighter Outlook for Growth and Labor Markets over the Next Four Quarters.” By Staff.

April 11

J. Mack Robinson College of Business.“Faculty in the News: Rajeev Dhawan, talked job reports and impacts on job growth with Bisnow.” By Staff.

March 30

Georgia State Headlines. “Brexit: What Experts Predicted Vs. What’s Actually Occurred So Far.” By Staff.

March 9

Georgia State Headlines. “GSU Forecast: Hiring To Slow in 2017.” By Staff.

February 15 Georgia State Headlines. WSJ Survey: Most Economists Expect Next Fed Rate Increase in June.” By Staff.

February 7

J. Mack College of Business Headlines. “Faculty in the News: Rajeev Dhawan, Director of Economic Forecasting Center, Spoke with the Atlanta Business Chronicle.” By Staff.

February 6

J. Mack College of Business Headlines. “Real Estate Under Trump’s Administration.” By Staff.

February 4

Georgia State Headlines. “You’re invited to Georgia State University’s 2017 Economic Forecast with Rajeev Dhawan.

February 2

Georgia State Headlines. “State Economist: Georgia’s Economic Outlook Positive 2017.” By Staff.

January 26

Atlanta Real Estate Forecast Forum. “Housing Economy Experts to Speak at GSU Conference.” By Staff.


Decmeber 5 Linkedin . “Market Watch Atlanta.” By John Hunt
November 28 Robinson College of Business Website. “Rajeev Dhawan, director of the Economic Forecasting Center, was featured in several stories over the past month.” By Staff.
November 17 Georgia State Headlines. “Economic Forecast: Atlanta’s Growth to Slow.” By Staff
November 16 Linkedin. “GSU’s Dhawan examines Trump impact on Georgia and metro Atlanta economies.” By Staff
November 15 Georgia State Webpage. “Unusual Economic Model in Early 2017 Won’t stop December Rate Hike.” By Staff.
November 8 Robinson College of Business Website. “Rajeev Dhawan director of Economic Forecasting Center, had his latest Forecasting Conference highlighted in 11Alive and Bisnow.” By Staff
September 17 Cumberland Advisors. “Life After Brexit.” By Staff.
September 9 Georgia State Headlines. “Faculty and Staff Spotlight.” By Staff.
September 7 Atlanta Appraisal Institute. “State of Atlanta 2016: Solving the Puzzle.” By Staff.
August 15 Georgia State Headlines. “Economic Forecasting Conference.” By Staff
July 28 Auber. “Rajeev Recognized for Home Price Forecasting Accuracy.” By Staff.
June 27 Georgia State Headlines. “WSJ Survey: Economists See Little Brexit impact to U.S. Growth in 2016.” By Staff.

June 26

Global Atlanta. “Economic Forecasting Conference: Domestic Tailwinds Meet Global Headwinds.” By Staff.

June 22 Georgia State Headlines. “Rajeev Dhawan Appointed Carl R. Zwerner Chair of Economic Forecasting.” By Staff.
June 14 Georgia State Headlines. “Momentum Moving in wrong Direction for June Rate Hike.” By Staff.
June 13 Georgia State Headlines “Metro Jobless Rate Falls, but slower hiring Forecast.” By Staff.
May 5 Georgia State Headlines. “Rajeev Recognized for Home Price Forecasting”.
May 5 Georgia State Headlines “Economic Forecasting Conference: Impact of Global Markets & Demographics in real Estate”.
April 23 Global Interdependence Center. “GIC Event- Central Banking Series in London and Helsinki.
April 7 Georgia State Headlines. “Rajeev Dhawan Recognized for Home Price Forecasting Accuracy.” By Jenifer Shockley.
April 7 Georgia State Headlines. “Faculty and Staff in the News.” By Staff
April 5 Georgia State Headlines. “Trump’s Prediction of ‘Massive Recession’ Puzzles Economists.
April 4 Linkedin. “Donald Trump’s prediction of ‘massive recession’ puzzles economists.” By Staff.
March 22 Georgia State Headlines. “Faculty in the News.” By Staff.
March 3 Georgia State Headlines. “Forecast: Georgia Job Growth Will Slip This Year.” By Staff.
February 25 Linkedin. Georghia State University: Corporate Hiring Through Jittery Stock Market Key to 2016 Forecast.” By Staff.
February 24 Linkedin. “Dhawan: A Trump or Sanders win would bring “growth stall’ – Atlanta Business Chronicle.” By Staff.
February 16 Georgia State Headlines. “Economic Forecasting Conference Set for Feb. 24.” By Staff.
February 15 Georgia State Headlines. “Economic Forecasting Conference: What Will Turbo Charge Tomorrow’s Housing Market?” By Staff.
February 13 Linkedin. “First Quarter 2016 Survey of Professional Forecasters Again Lower Growth over the Next Three Years.” By Staff.
February 12 Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. “Survey of Professional Forecasters.” By Staff.
February 3 Georgia State Headlines. “Economist: The $23b Bond Downgrade Could Trigger More U.S. Real Estate Buys.” By Staff.
January 25 Georgia State Headlines. “Robinson Holiday Party,” By Staff.
January 20 ICA Institute. / “Lecture on “How Important is China to Global Economic Growth?” By Staff.


December 16 Georgia State In the Headlines. “WSJ Survey: Yuan No Challenge to Dollar amid China’s Tiptoe Toward Freer Markets.” By Ian Talley.
December 10 The Livingston Survey. “Forecasters Predict Steady Growth and Unemployment Rate Declines.” By Staff.
December 8 Georgia State in the Headlines. “Faculty and Staff Spotlight.” By Staff.
November 13 Georgia State Headlines. “The Economic Forecasting Center celebrates Dr. Rajeev Dhawan’s 60th Conference.” By Staff.
September 30 Georgia State in the Headlines. “What does U.S. Economist Think of Official China Statistics?” By Staff
September 21 Wall Street Journal . “U.S. Stocks News Update: Yahoo! Inc.” By Lisa Walker.
May 20 Global Atlanta. “Robinson Economic Forecasting Conference: Blueprint for Growth.” By Staff.
Summer 2015 Journal of Business Forecasting. “The U.S. Economy to Bounce Back in Second Quarter.” By Nur Onvural, PHD.
February 2 Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. “Survey of Professional Forecasters”. By Staff.
Spring 2015 Journal of Business and Forecasting. “What Will 2015 Bring to the U.S. Economy?” By: Nur Onvural, PH.D.


April 2 Georgia State in the Headlines. “At 6.9% February Unemployment In Atlanta Again Below Late-2008 Levels.”


January 17 Henry County Chamber of Commerce publication , “January Business Boosters Luncheon.”


November 16 The Financial World Blog , “Even resolving domestic confusion will yield only modest growth in 2012; Prospects improve in 2014.”
February 3 Business to Business, “Elusive growth prospects for Georgia and Atlanta in 2012.”


July 24 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “More than optimism needed to bring jobs.” By Rajeev Dhawan.
July 10 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Economic burdens far-reaching: Potential recovery hit with political, global uncertainties.” By Rajeev Dhawan.
March 6 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Economy slides if oil prices stay high.” By Rajeev Dhawan.
February 6 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Gauging the cost of snow days.” By Rajeev Dhawan.


November 1 NABE News , “Manufacturing and the Business Cycle.”
October 31 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Investing in tech helps jobs.”
October 1 Facts for You, “Yo-Yoing Recovery.”
September 26 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Global pains hit home.”
April 1 Facts for You, “Half-Speed Ahead.”
January 1 Facts for You, “O Jobs, Where Art Thou?”


November Facts for You, “Recession is Abating, Now What?”
October 23 Atlanta Business Chronicle, “Existing companies will drive region’s growth.” By Randy Southland.
January Facts for You, “A long haul lies ahead.”


October 29 Atlanta Business Chronicle, “Future Growth Will be Tempered by Job Losses.” By Joanna Carabello.
July Facts for You, “Time to Gird for Rough Times.”
July Tennessee’s Business, “Time to Gird for Rough Times: Forecast Commentary.”
May Georgia Asian Times, “25 Most Influential Asian Americans in Georgia.”
April Tennessee’s Business, “Time to Gird for Rough Times: Forecast Commentary.”
February 25 Back to Business, “Annual Real Estate Event Focuses on Economy and Going Green.”
January Daily Labor Report, “Job Growth expected to slow, as payrolls post smallest gain since 2003.” By Larry Swisher.


October NABE News , “International Financial Markets: Asset, Trade, World Reserve Currency.”
July Facts for You, “Weakened Economy Needs the Fed’s Helping Hand.”
Summer United Consulting in the A-T-L, “Unlike The Past, Georgia Not Immune To National Woes.”
April Outlook Business (India), “Growth Speed Has to be Fed; The US economy will be iffy, especially in the first half, forcing Bernanke to start cutting rates by 75 bps.”
March Facts for You, “The Ongoing Moderation and Elevated Risk Factors are Harbingers of a Fed Easing.”
January Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Airline Service: Delta buyout bid bodes well for city.”


Winter United Consulting in the A-T-L, “Finding Diamonds…Even in a Slowing Economy.”
Spring State of Business, “Economy Maintains Healthy Growth in ’06; Slowdown in Housing Starts Key to Soft Landing for ’07.”
Summer United Consulting in the A-T-L, “Georgia’s ebullient economy requires a future dose of caution.”
April Facts for You, “Forecast of the US Economy for 2006-08.”


Fall State of Business, “Overall Harm Low, but U.S. Economy Will Feel Hurricanes’ Effects.”
Summer State of Business, “Economic Supertanker Will Survive Squalls.”
April Facts for You, “Economic Forecasting of USA.”


Fall State of Business, “Election Uncertainty Tempers Job Growth; Elevated Oil at Prices Could Cause ‘Stagflation Lite’.”
May 26 Morgan Keegan Research Quarterly Forecast, “Gathering Economic Momentum will Provoke a Measured Fed Reaction.”
Spring The Mulling Report, “Are Jobs Being Created.”
February 25 Morgan Keegan Research Quarterly Forecast, “Growth Gyrations: A New-Fangled Reality.”


December Business to Business, “Where are the High Paying Jobs.”
November 24 Morgan Keegan Research Quarterly Forecast, “Recovery Gains Traction But the Era of Humvee Consumption is Over.”
September 23 The Mulling Company, “Investment Spending Will be Catalyst in Nation’s Economic Rebound.”
Fall The Journal of Business Forecasting, “The Nation’s Economic Outlook.” By Jack Malehorn, Ph.D.
August 25 Morgan Keegan Research Quarterly Forecast, “The Beguiling Recovery.”
May 21 Morgan Keegan Research, Fixed Income Research, Quarterly Forecast, “With Some Luck, We WILL Dodge the Deflation Bullet.”
May 10 Facts for You, “With some luck we will dodge the deflation bullet.”
March Khabar, “Where’s the Bull?”
February 28 Atlanta Business Chronicle, “Prospects of war clouds Georgia recovery.”
January Metropolitan Report, “Economic Indicators for the New Orleans Area.”


October The Albany Herald, “The State of the Economy.”
June Facts for You, “Watch out for CEO Gloom and an Inventory Hangover.”
February Georgia Trend, ” How About a ‘Proper’ Tax Holiday.”


December Facts for You, “Terrorism pounds a recession into the economy.”
Winter Tagline, “Greenspan tones down the big party without taking away the punch bowl.”
Fall The Mulling Report, “Tempered economy implies tempered expectations.”
July Facts for You, “We are in the midst of a storm that mercifully will be short lived.”
Summer State of Business, “In the midst of a brief storm.”