Media Quotes on COVID-19 Economic Fallout

January 1,2021 – Present

11-12-2021 Transport Topics Global Freight Market Battles Disruptions Due to Bottlenecks
10-06-2021 Transport Topics Holiday Shopping Season Will Test Supply Chain, Experts Say
09-08-2021 WABE District Attorney Willis Discusses COVID Crime Across Fulton County; Local Professor Discusses Pandemic’s Impact On Economy
09-07-2021 Metro Atlanta CEO Georgia’s Recovery Outpaces U.S. But Is Not Immune to Global Supply Chain Disruptions
09-03-2021 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Georgia economy tapping brakes at COVID crossroads
09-01-2021 National Mortgage Professional Delta Variant will Delay Economic Recovery
08-18-2021 S&P Global August retail market: US sales worse than expected as spending moves to services
08-18-2021 The Washington Post The U.S. could be on the verge of a productivity boom, a game-changer for the economy
07-31-2021 TT Radio Where is the Economy headed?
Part 1    Part 2
(Interview courtesy of SiriusXM and Transport Topics)
07-20-2021 Transport Topics Truck Tonnage Rises Slightly in June
07-15-2021 Transport Topics Economy, Trucking Industry Roar Back​
06-09-2021 Transport Topics Supply Chain to Remain Backed Up Untill 2022, Experts Say ​
05-24-2021 WABE Experts Forecast Hot Spending Summer In Atlanta ​
05-10-2021 CBS46 Atlanta Hackers hold pipeline data for ransom ​
04-26-2021 Transport Dive Trucking has no fear of a bubble in 2021 ​
04-22-2021 Market Watch Zombies, robots and big unknowns lurk as the U.S. economy recovers from pandemic
03-18-2021 Transport Topics US Economy, Trucking Industry Poised for Strong Recovery, Economists Predict ​
03-05-2021 WSB-Radio 95.5 WSB Exclusive: Forecaster sees Georgia economy about to boom. ​
03-03-2021 WSB-TV A tale of two states: The impact the COVID-19 shutdown has had with 2 very different responses. ​
03-01-2021 Transport Topics US Economy, Trucking Poised for Strong 2021, Economists Predict. ​
02-26-2021 Metro Atlanta CEO Georgia State Forecaster Says “Proper” Recovery Will Occur Only After Full Vaccine Dissemination. ​
02-25-2021 Reuters Fed officials shrug off rise in longer-term U.S. bond yields.
02-25-2021 Atlanta Journal Constitution Forecaster sees Georgia economy about to surge.
02-19-2021 Augusta CEO MarketNsight Reports Homebuyers Not Fleeing Southern Cities for Suburbs
01-25-2021 Atlanta Rotary Rotary Club of Atlanta event, Former Atlanta Fed CEO interviews Rajeev Dhawan
01-15-2021 S&P Global Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief plan seen accelerating US recovery, debt hangover View PDF
01-13-2021 Transport Dive Why experts are bullish on transport M&A in 2021
01-13-2021 Transport Topics COVID-19 Vaccine Key to Restoring Economic Stability, Experts Say
01-06-2021 S&P Global Stimulus expectations tempered even with Democrats’ Senate takeover View PDF

September 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020

11-10-2020 Transport Topics Holiday Ramp-Up Portends Glad Tidings for Trucking
10-29-2020 S&P Global UPDATE: US GDP expanded at record 33.1% annual pace in Q3, but momentum fading View PDF
10-13-2020 Transport Topics Trucking Industry Economy Outpaces US Economy as Capacity Tightens
09-18-2020 Atlanta Business Chronicle ‘It’s Complicated’ podcast: Economic forecasts predict a choppy recovery for Atlanta
09-17-2020 Atlanta Journal Constitution Georgia added 21,700 jobs in August as unemployment rate fell to 5.7%
09-17-2020 Transport Topics Consumer Spending Rises in August
09-17-2020 Atlanta Business Chronicle Housing considered ‘bright spot’ of Atlanta economy View PDF
09-17-2020 Atlanta Journal Constitution Expecting bad news, Georgia ports instead hit a record

July 1, 2020 – August 31, 2020

08-12-2020 Transport Topics Trucking Fares Better Than Overall Economy, Experts Say
07-30-2020 Transport Topics Q2 GDP Drops a Record 32.9%, but Trucking Holding Steady
07-30-2020 S&P Global Amid historic GDP plunge, economists temper predictions of Q3 surge View PDF
07-15-2020 Transport Dive Why coronavirus controls freight’s fate in 2020
07-10-2020 Transport Dive Driver employment decline in Canada to cost industry $2.4B, report estimates
07-02-2020 Transport Topics US Unemployment Falls to 11.1%; Trucking Adds 8,000 Jobs

June 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020

06-30-2020 S&P Global Ending $600 weekly unemployment bonus could set back fragile US recovery View PDF
06-25-2020 Transport Topics Economy Recovering, but Experts Fear Rise in Coronavirus Cases
06-11-2020 Atlanta Journal Constitution Jobless claims in Georgia reach 2.5 million
06-09-2020 Transport Topics Recession Began in February, Economists Say
06-08-2020 Transport Dive Trucking job-loss rate slows to 19K, but economists conflicted on recovery timeline
06-05-2020 S&P Global ‘Jaw-dropping’ May job gains surprise economists, point to unsteady road back View PDF
06-04-2020 S&P Global After May ‘rock bottom,’ economists see reason to expect
slow climb in US jobs

May 1, 2020 – May 31, 2020

05-28-2020 S&P Global With 2.1 million US jobless claims, total eclipses 40 million since pandemic hit View PDF
05-21-2020 CBS46 Georgia Department of Labor remain optimistic despite record unemployment numbers
05-13-2020 Wall Street Journal WSJ Survey: Coronavirus to Cause 17% Unemployment in June
05-08-2020 S&P Global Economists warn of long recovery after ‘unthinkable’ US jobs report View PDF
05-08-2020 TTNews Trucking Sheds 88,300 Jobs in April
05-07-2020 Futurity Economic Forecaster gauges our Post-Pandemic Future.
05-07-2020 CBS46 How long will Atlanta see the economic fallout of COVID-19?
05-07-2020 Conversations with GSU President Predicting What’s Next for a Damaged Economy.
To watch the video interview with Mark Becker, Click Here
To listen to the audio , Click Here
05-06-2020 S&P Global US dollar slips against peers in April as stocks rally
05-06-2020 GSU News Hub The Pandemic’s Economic Aftermath
05-05-2020 Transport Dive 7 charts show how coronavirus spikes and dips US truck activity
05-04-2020 Atlanta Journal Constitution Georgia’s economy is open for business, but normal still a long way off
05-04-2020 Transport Topics US Economy Sliding Further, Experts Say
05-02-2020 TT Radio Where is the Economy headed?
(Interview courtesy of SiriusXM and Transport Topics)
05-01-2020 Georgia Recorder Jobless ranks grow as unemployment payments lag for many Georgians

April 5, 2020 – April 30, 2020

04-29-2020 Transport Topics Economy Shrinks 4.8% in Q1 as Result of Coronavirus
04-23-2020 Transport Dive Landstar: Industrial load declines like ‘nothing experienced in the history of the company’
04-23-2020 Georgia Recorder Georgia jobless rate slows but claims last five weeks top 1 million
04-23-2020 Transport Topics Experts’ Pessimism Deepens Over Economy’s Health
04-16-2020 S&P Global US jobless claims total 5.25 million, pushing 4-week count to 22 million   View PDF
04-14-2020 Transport Dive Coronavirus slowdowns and shutdowns: What’s next for trucking?
04-14-2020 Georgia Recorder Bills come due for gig workers as they wait for federal help to kick in
04-06-2020 Transport Topics Spot Rates Show Signs of Stabilizing as Economy Slides Into Recession

March 22, 2020 – April 4, 2020

04-03-2020 Georgia Recorder Glitches applying for jobless benefits add to frustrations for unemployed
04-02-2020 S&P Global US jobless claims surge to 6.65 million, again shattering record   View PDF
03-31-2020 CBS46 Economic impact of coronavirus uncertain, economist says
03-30-2020 WSB TV “Like a Cat. 6 hurricane:” Small businesses feel devastating impact of coronavirus
03-27-2020 Asahi Shimbun U.S. “Corona fired” storm low incomes over 37 million READ in ENGLISH
03-27-2020 S&P Global Pandemic relief bill’s trillions can offer US economy only breathing room   View PDF
03-27-2020 Georgia Recorder Georgia’s dependence on travel, hospitality raises recession risk
03-26-2020 Transport Topics Record Number of Workers File for Unemployment Benefits
03-26-2020 S&P Global US jobless claims surge to record 3.28 million as mass coronavirus layoffs begin   View PDF
03-24-2020 S&P Global Senate reaches agreement on $2 trillion coronavirus relief plan   View PDF
03-23-2020 Wall Street Journal Coronavirus-Triggered Downturn Could Cost Five Million U.S. Jobs   View PDF

March 8, 2020 – March 21, 2020

03-21-2020 Forbes COVID-19’s Worst Case? 10.6% Jobless Rate, $1.5 Trillion GDP Drop
03-20-2020 Transport Dive Moody’s: Transport faces ‘high exposure’ to COVID-19 disruption
03-19-2020 Transport Topics The damage to the financial side, if this lasts until summer, will be too much to give you a rebound from pent-up demand
03-17-2020 Transport Topics FTR Transportation Intelligence forecast is accurate. Still, it may be overly optimistic, and his research shows the recession could be deeper.
03-15-2020 Transport Topics If we shut down all of the hospitality industry at this point, it means that the next three months, well, you can write it off
03-13-2020 Atlanta Journal Constitution Assessing economic fallout of COVID-19
03-12-2020 Atlanta Journal Constitution Coronavirus-related impacts shake Atlanta’s economy
03-10-2020 Women’s Wear Daily Wall Street Wreck, Coronavirus and Oil Prices Hit Hard: Worries over the fast-moving outbreak and a price war in the oil market sent fashion investors running.   View PDF
03-10-2020 WABE Closer Look: Coronavirus’ Impact on Tourism, The Economy And Local Faith Communities in Georgia
03-10-2020 WSB TV Delta Air Lines reducing flights, announced other changes amid coronavirus outbreak
03-09-2020 Transport Dive Coronavirus has trucking experts on edge for 2020