Dr. Dhawan is a popular speaker on the national and international lecture circuit and is known for his entertaining style and straight-forward analysis. He has the ability to articulate complex economic issues in terms that are extremely relevant to the business community and is frequently called upon to brief the boards of private companies and regularly gives keynote speeches at various industry and trade group events.

Diverse Settings and Locations

In 2012 alone, Dr. Dhawan has spoken in such diverse settings as:

  • Swiss Finance Institute program in Wolfsburg, Switzerland
  • Global Interdependence Center’s meeting in Paris, France
  • Crawford & Company Annual GSM meeting
  • Executive Roundtable of Atlanta
  • American Bankers Association’s program at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • California Polytechnic University Pomona, Pomona
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Forum

and many more..

Lists of Speeches

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