About the Center

Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta’s business area, the Economic Forecasting Center at Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business is one of the few university-based centers providing an analysis of the economy, various industries and international trade, as well as prices and interest rates.

The Economic Forecasting Center was established in 1973 for the research and development of models related to national, regional and local economies. Research is available through publications, reports, public quarterly conferences and sponsor seminars.

Providing Information and Analysis

The rapid technological advances of the 21st Century, combined with an increased focus on globalization, have brought many new challenges to the business environment. Now more than ever, companies are looking for tools and guidance that will allow them to keep their competitive edge. At the center, we provide you with one of the most important tools of all – information – and its analysis on a regular basis. Specifically, this is the information and knowledge that will allow you to make smart, strategic business decisions.

Economic Data Collection and Modeling

At the center, we collect economic data on a national, regional and local level and analyze it using the latest statistical techniques. Our in-house macroeconomic models enable us to accurately predict the turning points and areas of future growth. This information is vital to helping you set your strategic course of action.

Publications and Reports

The center makes its research available through a variety of timely publications and reports, public quarterly conferences and private sponsor seminars. In addition, we offer specialized research and consulting services, access to our economic database, and customized speaking engagements for business gatherings and board meetings.

National Contributions and Status

Business leaders and the media consider the Economic Forecasting Center to be one of the most reliable and accessible sources for economic information. We are regular contributors to national forecast surveys including the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Blue Chip Indicators and USA Today. Studies have consistently ranked the center among the top forecasting centers in the country.

Our research efforts are supported entirely through corporate sponsorship and annual subscriptions of our publications. This website is designed to give you a better understanding of who we are and what we do.

Extra: Read a profile of the center published in Business Economics: The Journal of the National Association for Business Economics, written in January 2004 on the occasion of the center’s 30th anniversary. The Economic Forecasting Center has survived for so long in the business of economic forecasting not by just being accurate, but also by being an important go-to resource for the national and local media, regional companies, nonprofit organizations, and state and local governments. Read the article »