March 2015 Conference

From National to Local:
Emerging Facets of Real Estate

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
Location:Speaker’s Auditorium
Student Center Building
Georgia State University
44 Courtland Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

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  • Rajeev DhawanDirector,  Economic Forecasting Center,  Georgia State University
  • Karl Kuykendall,  Principal Economist, US Regional Services, IHS Economics
  • John Hunt,   Senior Analyst,  ViaSearch, Inc. and Smart Numbers Inc
  • Frank K. Norton, Jr., CEO Chairman, Norton Holdings

Conference Program

9:00 a.m. Registration & Breakfast
9:30 a.m. Words of Welcome Richard Phillips
Robinson College of Business
9:35 a.m The Real Estate Recovery Across the Country : Regional Dynamics
The pace of recovery of local and regional residential real estate markets has been uneven. The post-recession regional dynamics of home prices, sales, and new construction will be discussed with particular emphasis on the southeastern states and metro areas. The discussion will focus first on the underlying real estate factors affecting local recovery – mortgage delinquency and foreclosure, and price appreciation and construction during the bubble. And second on the economic factors driving demand in this decade – household formation and migration, both of which are affected by, and affect, home sales and home construction.
Karl Kuykendall
Principal Economist 
US Regional Services
IHS Economics
9:55 a.m. Atlanta’s Uneven Housing Recovery Continues to the Next Phase.
After falling farther and harder than most other major housing markets, Atlanta is back to number 3 in the nation. However, a depleted inventory of distressed lots and exploding costs are conspiring to make it difficult to bring inventory on line at the right price. With stagnant incomes and major demographics shifts, builders are being forced to reevaluate where to build, and what to build, in order to achieve continued growth. We will discuss the path forward for Atlanta’s new construction industry in light of these issues.
John Hunt
Senior Analyst
ViaSearch, Inc. &Smart Numbers
10:15 a.m. Real Estate Trend: The Rest of Georgia
Summary: Commentary, data and dynamics for the State of Georgia beyond the 22 county Atlanta region. Georgia’s economic recovery and real estate dynamics is not just about Atlanta. Norton will review Georgia’s real estate and demographic report, focus on regional hot spots and walk through expectations ahead.
Frank K. Norton, Jr.
CEO Chairman
Norton Holdings
10:35 a.m. Q & A
10:40 a.m. Refreshments Break
11:05 a.m. Forecast of the Nation, State and Region
Rajeev Dhawan delivers his keynote presentation on the economic outlook of the United States, Georgia and the Atlanta Metro Region. Join us as he shares his views on the state of the global economy as well as employment and consumption trends and their impact on industry in Georgia. He will discuss, in particular, the implications for residential and commercial real estate in the Atlanta Metro Region.
Rajeev Dhawan
Director and Professor
Economic Forecasting Center
J. Mack Robinson College of Business
12:05 p.m. Q & A Conclusion
12:15 p.m. Light Lunch & Networking