November 2015

It’s a Brave New World

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Time: 8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Location: Speaker’s Auditorium
Student Center East Building
Georgia State University
55 Gilmer Street SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

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  • Rajeev Dhawan,  Director, Economic Forecasting Center,  Georgia State University
  • Keith Parker,  General Manager/CEO ,  MARTA
  • William A. Strauss,  Senior Economist,  Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Max Darnell ,  Managing Partner,  First Quadrant

Conference Program

8:00 a.m. Registration & Coffee
8:30 a.m. Words of Welcome Richard Phillips
J. Mack Robinson College of Business
Georgia State University
8:40 a.m. “MARTAnomics” Transit – A Catalyst for Economic Development
MARTA-nomics: The study of economic costs/impacts related to delivering bus, rail and paratransit services by Georgia’s largest mass transit provider. MARTA-nomics identifies sustainable practices to optimize the financial, social and environmental benefits that transit confers. MARTA-nomics incorporates the actions of individual customers (micro-analysis) within the broader context of the transit system’s value as a local, regional and statewide transportation asset (macro-analysis).
Keith Parker
General Manager/CEO
9:10 a.m Questions for Mr. Parker
9:20 a.m The Post “Great Recession” Housing Market
We are in the seventh year of the economic expansion following the “Great Recession” of 2008 and 2009. During the economic downturn the economy experienced outsized losses in the housing sector. Yet, what would typically be a robust recovery for the housing market has not occurred. Mr. Strauss will look at the performance of the housing industry since the Great Recession and discuss how close the U.S. market is to normalization.
William A. Strauss
Senior Economist
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
9:45 a.m. Global Market Outlook
An overview of global topics from equities and bonds, to currencies and the commodities markets. Mr. Darnell will also compare and contrast the effectiveness of monetary policy in Europe versus the US and Japan.
Max Darnell
Managing Partner
First Quadrant
10:10 a.m. Q & A
10:25 a.m. Refreshments Break
11:00 a.m. Forecast of the Nation, State and Region
Rajeev Dhawan delivers his keynote presentation on the economic outlook of the United States, Georgia and the Atlanta Metro Region. Join us as he shares his views on the state of the global economy as well as employment and consumption trends and their impact on industry in Georgia. He will discuss, in particular, the implications for residential and commercial real estate in the Atlanta Metro Region.
Rajeev Dhawan
Economic Forecasting Center
J. Mack Robinson College of Business
12:15 p.m. Q & A and Conclusion
12:30 p.m. Light Lunch, Networking & Celebration!