Why should you become a sponsor of the Economic Forecasting Center at Georgia State University?

In today’s evolving market place, I’ve always found the Sponsors Seminars insightful. Dr. Dhawan’s analysis is of most utility to corporations in order to be on top of what is coming. Managers must understand where the economy is heading inorder to adapt their market and consumer strategies accordingly. The Economic Forecasting Center definitely delivers!

Francisco Bethencourt, Senior Business Development Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

An accurate analysis of global and domestic macro trends is a must in the current economic environment, and the center specializes in providing this information on a timely basis. Having a better and more accurate understanding of economic issues will benefit your company by lowering your risk when making important strategic decisions, thus improving profitability. We disseminate the center’s products and services via the following two activities/events:

Sponsor Seminars »
(Bi-annual and held as a longer version of a breakfast meeting at the Commerce Club)

These are small, closed-door, half-day meetings where Rajeev presents an update on the latest economic issues and sponsors talk about recent trends in their respective industries, followed by in-depth discussions. These meetings provide plenty of opportunities for sponsors to talk about their specific issues.

Economic Conferences »
(4 times a year at Georgia State)

Our conferences are wonderful educational events where employees would get the latest update on recent economic issues and how these will affect the economy in the short and long run (Rajeev’s forecast presentation as well as additional industry and academic speakers). They are half-day events held four times a year so people would not be out of the office for too long. At the conference, all attendees receive a copy of the Forecast of the Nation, the Forecast of Georgia and Atlanta, copies of each speaker’s presentation, a breakfast and a light lunch.

What you receive under a sponsorship:

  • Admission to each quarterly conference for 10 company employees and/or clients
  • Admission to our bi-annual Sponsor Seminar for 1-2 company executives
  • Company logo promoted at all events (conferences, seminars) on all our publications and event invites (emails)
  • Copies of the center’s Forecast of the Nation and Forecast of Georgia and Atlanta

Executive Sponsor


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What if my company needs a higher level of services than a standard sponsorship?

We also offer services suited to a client’s specific needs. To give some examples, one sponsor has requested that Rajeev speak at his annual shareholder’s meeting, another sponsor asks for a 30-year employment projection once a year, and a third sponsor brings Rajeev over twice a year for a private meeting with her strategic-planning team. Thus, executive sponsorship includes all the services listed above in a standard sponsorship agreement, plus more access to Rajeev for economic advice. This level of sponsorship starts at $25,000 and above depending on the level of services/commitment needed.

The center believes that sponsorship is the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship between two entities that have much to offer to each other.

Executive Sponsorship $25,000+
Standard Sponsorship $15,000


How to Become a Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and wish to attend an upcoming Sponsor Seminar, contact Rajeev Dhawan at rdhawan@gsu.edu or call 404-413-7261.