Directions to Seminar

The location for the Sponsor Seminars has changed to the following:
Commerce Club – Atlanta
One Ninety One Peachtree Tower
Ivan Allen Board Room
Atlanta, GA 30303-1761
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Parking Details

The Commerce Club is now at a new location: 191 Peachtree Street, on the 49th floor. If you would like more information about the club you may visit the Commerce Club website for more details on directions. Please note that parking can be tricky. Below we have tried to give you a few more details than you will find on the Commerce Club website. Please give yourself a few extra minutes to park and get to the club.

  • From Peachtree Street turn onto Ellis Street. Please note that Ellis is a one-way street.
  • To park, look for the entrance that says “191 Peachtree.” It’s the white building. (There is parking next to it for the Ritz; do not park here.)
  • Follow the signs to Visitor Parking after you get your ticket.
  • Visitor Parking will start at level “P6” for long-term parking. Before that it is only 3-hour parking.
  • Once you park, follow the signs to the elevators.
  • Once you are in the elevator, push “L” for the Lobby.
  • At the Lobby, exit the elevator, and walk across to get on another set of elevators.
  • Look for the section of elevators labeled “50-39” floor.
  • Go to the 49th floor, Commerce Club.