Sponsor Seminar

Seminars provide sponsors access to new developments in forecasting technology and the latest economic information. In the interactive panel “Views from the Trenches,” representatives from some of our sponsoring organizations give a brief overview of what they are seeing in their industry while sharing their concerns about recent economic events. These discussions go into much greater depth than at the quarterly Economic Forecasting Conferences.


  • Networking breakfast
  • Interactive panel “Views from the Trenches”
  • Summary of the “Trenches” panel and forecast update by Dr. Rajeev Dhawan
  • Q&A session with Dr. Dhawan
  • Occasional special presentations by an industry expert

When Are Sponsor Seminars?

Sponsor seminars are held approximately one month after the quarterly conferences at The Commerce Club at 191 Peachtree in downtown Atlanta.

Become a Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and wish to attend an upcoming Sponsor Seminar, contact Rajeev Dhawan at [email protected] or call 404-413-7261.